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Software Crafts Podcast

Sep 1, 2020

Matthew Skelton is the guest of episode 12, and we will discuss the heuristic “Eliminate waste” from Xebia Essentials repository ( From the definition of waste in the IT industry, the roots of the concept in the automotive industry and how we try to manage today, Matthew will give his opinion based on his experience. How to be context-aware, avoid IT as a cost centre, and enabling organisation capabilities towards an adaptive organisation.

Matthew recommends the following resources:

Matthew (@matthewpskelton) is a software delivery consultant based in Leeds, UK. He is Head of Consulting at Conflux, where he helps organisations to design and optimise their teams for effective software delivery using Team Topologies (which he is a co-author). He also specialises in applying Continuous Delivery and operability techniques for software in manufacturing, e-commerce, and online services, including cloud, IoT, and embedded software.