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Software Crafts Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

Episode #11 is out. The guest this week is Ellis de Haan, and we will discuss the heuristic “Listen to your ecosystems” from Simon Wardley Doctrine ( Ellis will share with us her journey as a manager. How to balance Love, Power and Anxiety in order to create an environment for people and teams to strive. 

Ellis suggests the following resources:

  • Christo Nel - The Practice and Virtues of High Impact Leadership and Teaming
  • Brené Brown - The Power of Vulnerability
  • Elliott Jacques - Levels Of Work

Ellis (@ellis_haan) is a manager, but not the typical one. She believes that a new style of leadership is needed, and supports it. Part of her work has new styles of leadership in a DevOps world. She is involved in community causes, such as women in tech.

She is a public speaker, conference organiser, and loves to sail!