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Software Crafts Podcast

Sep 22, 2020

In this week episode, Andra Sonea is telling us when she focuses on the specific problem or distils the general solution. She will share her experiences based on the heuristic “Solve the specific problem, not the general case” from the Embedded Artistry repository ( We will discuss how-to share mental models with a team, even during pandemic times. From her experience in finance, we will dive into the patterns in an organisation change, with the different pitfalls. She will end up describing her unconventional approach to tech!

Andra recommends the 99% invisible podcast (

For the past twenty years, Andra (@andrasonea) found herself working with banking and insurance technology. It was not called Fintech then, and it was not so cool as it is now. During this time she built systems, maintained systems made by others, worked on many so-called "transformations", advised start-ups and C-level executives of large banks on "next steps" & strategy. Left by herself, she likes to untangle complicated stuff. She spends her time between FintechOS, a scale-up she joined this year and her PhD in Urban Science at the University of Warwick.